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A full excerpt from Life on Other Planets

So a year on from Pulp Idol I am making slow headway on the rest of the book, and thought it only fair to post the chapter. You can also read it in the Pulp Idol Firsts 2017 book here on Issuu or in print from Amazon and Waterstones Liverpool.

‘And lo, that celestial crucible which bore us all to Earth doth embrace thy spirit once again.’ Book of Jupiter, Chapter 6, Verse 3


When I was 15 my family had a nervous breakdown. It was August 1997, the summer my Great Aunt Edith died. The same summer that all the spiders in East Sussex chose to leave their homes and run amok for reasons no scientist on the planet could explain. Were these two things connected? I like to think so.

William Gaddis in the Paris Review (1986) predicting the financial collapse of 2008

An old blog article from a long while ago that I thought I’d reblog because I quite liked it:

….I’m frequently seen in the conservative press as being out there on the barricades shouting: Down with capitalism! I do see it in the end as really the most workable system we’ve produced. So what we’re talking about is not the system itself, but its abuses, I don’t mean criminal but the abundant abuses just within the letter of the law. The essential question is whether it can survive these abuses given free rein and whether these abuses are inherent in the system itself. I should think it is perfectly clear in my work—calling attention, satirizing these abuses—that our best hope lies in bringing things under better and more equitable control, cutting back the temptations to unmitigated greed and bemused dishonesty . . . in other words that these abuses the system has fostered are not essential, but running out of moral or ethical control can certainly threaten its survival.